Cheers to SEOs!


In order for a blog or website to be successful, they need to have traffic.  Usually in our everyday lives we try our best to avoid traffic, but this traffic is the good kind.  The more traffic you have to your website or blog the more people you influence.  For me, that means more people are educated about beer.  

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  These are keywords and phrases that an internet server will pick out and direct people to your site.  So when someone searches “hoppy beer”, my site will come up on google as a list of results for the search “hoppy beer”.  The key to using SEOs to your advantage is figuring out which ones to use.

You do not want your SEO to be something abstract, that people will not search.  You want it to be basic and popular.  For example, if your SEO is “flapjacks” you might not get as many results like you would if you used “pancakes”.  Now you might be wondering what flapjacks and pancakes have to do with beers.  There are pancake and maple syrup flavored beers out there.  But, they are expensive.  If you are a broke college student like me you can not afford the luxury pancake beers.  That is okay though because honestly, I’ve had them, and they are not great.

I use the SEOs “beer”, “college”, “college student”, “hoppy” and “broke”.  This is because you can basically understand what my blog is about based on these simple words.  These words are also common, meaning that it is likely they will be searched.  As finals week approaches, it is important for me to change my SEOs.  If I added “finals” to my SEOs, I would probably get more traffic.  These terms need to be flexible, so you can more easily adapt to the environment.

It is important to always change up your SEOs in order to best reach the most people.  My blog automatically posts to Facebook, so my friends can see what I’m up to in this class.  Some people have even gone into my blog and explored from my Facebook page.  If I constantly have the same headings, they might get bored and not click on it.  That is why I need to constantly change it up.  To keep people entertained and get them checking out more beers.

I would like to bring your attention to  This is a website where you can browse and order craft beer and have it shipped right to your home.  How fantastic, you don’t even need to leave your home.  At an initial look at shows you a bunch of different options, like sales, best sellers, and possible gift ideas.  Now to find this website, I went to google and typed in “buy beers online”.  This was the first option given to you.  The key words for this website was “buy online” and “beer”.  This gave google the information it needed to help me find what I was looking for.  This site has a high page rank because it was first on the list.  Because this site is high on the list, that means that it has high traffic.  This website uses revenue optimization by giving the visitor deals on the first page they go to.  They make money on these “featured” items because the visitor might not have seen it if was not featured.  This website also uses conversion to get visiting customers to turn into paying customers by offering them deals that they can not pass up such as free shipping, buy one get one half off, and coupons.  This website is doing it right folks.


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