Drink Up to Midterms!!!

As a blogger, it is very important to have effective SEOs.  SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and insures that your site appears on top.  For me, this is very important because there are several beer blogs in existence that I am competing with.  I want to be on top of my competition.

I can use Google Keyword Planner to assess my traffic flow towards my site.  I can also use this to assess my competition.  To stand out, I have decided to use the word “midterms” as a keyword.  I have chosen this because as everyone must know, midterms are quickly approaching and by quickly, I mean this week (sobs into my giraffe pillowpet).  So, what to students do when they are stressed out besides study? They drink. And they drink a lot. I am completely aware of this and want my readers to make the best choices when selecting the beer they want to drink during midterm week.  The beer of this week? Milwaukie’s Best Ice!

So why Milwaukie’s Best Ice? Easy.  The alcohol percentage is 6.9%.  Nope that not a typo, 6.9%.  Also, the cost is ridiculously low.  How low? $17 with tax.  WITH TAX PEOPLE!  That’s not even a whole $20.  That means you have approximately $3 to spend on tissues to dry your tears when you sober up and do have to study.

So, when people talk about relevance when it comes to digital marketing they are talking about what is important.  What is important to this site besides beer?  Thank would be the URL, the Title Tag, Header Tag, Content, alt text, and anchor text.  Why is this important? Because it helps my blog stand out among the rest.  My URL does not lie.  It describes what my blog is about.  I don’t want people not reaching my site because my URL wasn’t what it needed to be.  My title tag is also equally important.  I try to make mine cute and fun so people reading it are engaged and want to click on my site.  I also try to make my content fun for my audience, which is college students.  I never try to be something that I’m not.  I couldn’t make an opinion blog about what drinks older men should drink because I have no idea what older men should drink.  This also goes for alt text, and anchor text.  It needs to be relevant and make sense for the reader.  Just ask https://marketingbyprofessorpepe.wordpress.com/ or http://www.jeffbullas.com/2016/03/29/13-super-easy-ways-to-immediately-improve-your-seo-ranking/ 


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