EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS (The Ones I Actually Want)

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For this week’s assignment, I was tasked to subscribe to a company/brand of my choice and evaluate two emails from these companies.  I will be examining effective email marketing campaigns and answering a set of assigned questions.

The first company that I’d like to examine is my subscription to Apple music which was by far the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.  I knew that I absolutely hated Spotify, and so I was looking for something different.  When I signed up, I had an option to be put on a mailing list, so I said “sure” and gave them my email.  I don’t usually do this because I hate being bombarded on a daily basis with a thousand emails.  Even though I am incredibly picky about my subscription emails, I love being on this email list.  The subject line is usually “New Music From…” and I love these notifications because they are artists that I follow.  I get updates on when they are releasing new music so I don’t have to check my phone all the time.  These emails are great because there are not too many of them and they are what I want.  I usually click on it every time.  I honestly don’t think they need to change a thing about these emails, the quantity of content is that appropriate.  I like these emails because they were not sent to their entire user database. My email is part of a segment.  It makes me feel like they care about my music taste and that I am a valued customer.  Apple definitely accomplishes their objective. Hopefully the next email they send me will be when Kat Dahlia drops a new album; it’s been too long girl.

The second email subscription that I would like to talk about is my Netflix email subscription.  I love this subscription because they only email me….wait for it….. ONCE A MONTH (take note Hobby Lobby and your 15 billion emails I receive an hour).  I love this.  I mostly love it because they are telling me exactly what I want to know, what is coming out.  What movies, what TV shows, they good stuff.  Usually their emails start like “New To Netflix”, and its things that they would know I want to watch.  Shows that are dropping new seasons, or sequels to movies.  It’s like they are inside my TV.  This email is completely unique to me and my tastes and that is what I love about it.  I feel like they care about my television needs. This email is 100% effective and I could not be happier with my subscriptions.  Hopefully they next email from them will be telling me that the new season


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