Make a LinkedIn Page Before You Drink that Beer!


As a graduating senior, I have realized how important it is to market yourself on LinkedIn.  By using this site, you can broadcast your skills to a plethora of potential jobs, and future employers.  There are several ways in which you can make your profile stand out over everyone else.

First you need to build a “stand-out” profile. There are thousands of LinkedIn members that have skills and majors just like yours.  So how do you make yourself stand out? You work at making an amazing profile to build yourself up so that your profile is one of the first that they see.  You can start by making yourself an “all-star” profile holder.  This means that you have your entire profile completed and that prospect employers will see your profile sooner than someone else who’s profile is not complete.  You also need to have a headline that stands out among everyone with similar skills as you.  This is how to effectively market who you are.

It is also important to have a lot of connections.  Connections can be compared to the amount of friends you have on Facebook, or the number of your Instagram followers.  When you have more than 500 connections, you are moved to the 500+ section of LinkedIn, and prospective employers can see this.  I personally have 879 connections and the amount increases every day.  You might be wondering, who should I connect with? Well, it’s very simple.  Connect with people you know.  People who are in your class and major.  Also connect with your college’s alumni.  People that graduate from a college are eager to see what bight minds their Alma Mater are producing.  Connect with people who working at your dream job.  Connect with people who are working at your dream place of work.  DO you want to end up at Google? Connect with google employees.

Also, do not be afraid to reach out to your connections. I was worried that I was going to be bothering them but it turns out they are more than eager to talk with you.  DO not be afraid to make connections!  Also, do not be afraid to post to your LinkedIn.  I posted an article recently that featured my work in the NEXT Fellowship on campus and it got over 1,000 views.  NEXT is something that is specific to Siena College, so my LinkedIn connections would not know immediately what it is we do as an organization.  But by posting this to my profile they would understand more thoroughly what I do for the organization.

Do not be afraid to take the first step and create a LinkedIn page! Her is not only a link to LinkedIn, but also a link to my profile page!

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