Make a LinkedIn Page Before You Drink that Beer!


As a graduating senior, I have realized how important it is to market yourself on LinkedIn.  By using this site, you can broadcast your skills to a plethora of potential jobs, and future employers.  There are several ways in which you can make your profile stand out over everyone else.

First you need to build a “stand-out” profile. There are thousands of LinkedIn members that have skills and majors just like yours.  So how do you make yourself stand out? You work at making an amazing profile to build yourself up so that your profile is one of the first that they see.  You can start by making yourself an “all-star” profile holder.  This means that you have your entire profile completed and that prospect employers will see your profile sooner than someone else who’s profile is not complete.  You also need to have a headline that stands out among everyone with similar skills as you.  This is how to effectively market who you are.

It is also important to have a lot of connections.  Connections can be compared to the amount of friends you have on Facebook, or the number of your Instagram followers.  When you have more than 500 connections, you are moved to the 500+ section of LinkedIn, and prospective employers can see this.  I personally have 879 connections and the amount increases every day.  You might be wondering, who should I connect with? Well, it’s very simple.  Connect with people you know.  People who are in your class and major.  Also connect with your college’s alumni.  People that graduate from a college are eager to see what bight minds their Alma Mater are producing.  Connect with people who working at your dream job.  Connect with people who are working at your dream place of work.  DO you want to end up at Google? Connect with google employees.

Also, do not be afraid to reach out to your connections. I was worried that I was going to be bothering them but it turns out they are more than eager to talk with you.  DO not be afraid to make connections!  Also, do not be afraid to post to your LinkedIn.  I posted an article recently that featured my work in the NEXT Fellowship on campus and it got over 1,000 views.  NEXT is something that is specific to Siena College, so my LinkedIn connections would not know immediately what it is we do as an organization.  But by posting this to my profile they would understand more thoroughly what I do for the organization.

Do not be afraid to take the first step and create a LinkedIn page! Her is not only a link to LinkedIn, but also a link to my profile page!

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EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS (The Ones I Actually Want)

Screenshot (94)

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For this week’s assignment, I was tasked to subscribe to a company/brand of my choice and evaluate two emails from these companies.  I will be examining effective email marketing campaigns and answering a set of assigned questions.

The first company that I’d like to examine is my subscription to Apple music which was by far the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.  I knew that I absolutely hated Spotify, and so I was looking for something different.  When I signed up, I had an option to be put on a mailing list, so I said “sure” and gave them my email.  I don’t usually do this because I hate being bombarded on a daily basis with a thousand emails.  Even though I am incredibly picky about my subscription emails, I love being on this email list.  The subject line is usually “New Music From…” and I love these notifications because they are artists that I follow.  I get updates on when they are releasing new music so I don’t have to check my phone all the time.  These emails are great because there are not too many of them and they are what I want.  I usually click on it every time.  I honestly don’t think they need to change a thing about these emails, the quantity of content is that appropriate.  I like these emails because they were not sent to their entire user database. My email is part of a segment.  It makes me feel like they care about my music taste and that I am a valued customer.  Apple definitely accomplishes their objective. Hopefully the next email they send me will be when Kat Dahlia drops a new album; it’s been too long girl.

The second email subscription that I would like to talk about is my Netflix email subscription.  I love this subscription because they only email me….wait for it….. ONCE A MONTH (take note Hobby Lobby and your 15 billion emails I receive an hour).  I love this.  I mostly love it because they are telling me exactly what I want to know, what is coming out.  What movies, what TV shows, they good stuff.  Usually their emails start like “New To Netflix”, and its things that they would know I want to watch.  Shows that are dropping new seasons, or sequels to movies.  It’s like they are inside my TV.  This email is completely unique to me and my tastes and that is what I love about it.  I feel like they care about my television needs. This email is 100% effective and I could not be happier with my subscriptions.  Hopefully they next email from them will be telling me that the new season

Drink Up to Midterms!!!

As a blogger, it is very important to have effective SEOs.  SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and insures that your site appears on top.  For me, this is very important because there are several beer blogs in existence that I am competing with.  I want to be on top of my competition.

I can use Google Keyword Planner to assess my traffic flow towards my site.  I can also use this to assess my competition.  To stand out, I have decided to use the word “midterms” as a keyword.  I have chosen this because as everyone must know, midterms are quickly approaching and by quickly, I mean this week (sobs into my giraffe pillowpet).  So, what to students do when they are stressed out besides study? They drink. And they drink a lot. I am completely aware of this and want my readers to make the best choices when selecting the beer they want to drink during midterm week.  The beer of this week? Milwaukie’s Best Ice!

So why Milwaukie’s Best Ice? Easy.  The alcohol percentage is 6.9%.  Nope that not a typo, 6.9%.  Also, the cost is ridiculously low.  How low? $17 with tax.  WITH TAX PEOPLE!  That’s not even a whole $20.  That means you have approximately $3 to spend on tissues to dry your tears when you sober up and do have to study.

So, when people talk about relevance when it comes to digital marketing they are talking about what is important.  What is important to this site besides beer?  Thank would be the URL, the Title Tag, Header Tag, Content, alt text, and anchor text.  Why is this important? Because it helps my blog stand out among the rest.  My URL does not lie.  It describes what my blog is about.  I don’t want people not reaching my site because my URL wasn’t what it needed to be.  My title tag is also equally important.  I try to make mine cute and fun so people reading it are engaged and want to click on my site.  I also try to make my content fun for my audience, which is college students.  I never try to be something that I’m not.  I couldn’t make an opinion blog about what drinks older men should drink because I have no idea what older men should drink.  This also goes for alt text, and anchor text.  It needs to be relevant and make sense for the reader.  Just ask or 

Cheers to SEOs!


In order for a blog or website to be successful, they need to have traffic.  Usually in our everyday lives we try our best to avoid traffic, but this traffic is the good kind.  The more traffic you have to your website or blog the more people you influence.  For me, that means more people are educated about beer.  

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  These are keywords and phrases that an internet server will pick out and direct people to your site.  So when someone searches “hoppy beer”, my site will come up on google as a list of results for the search “hoppy beer”.  The key to using SEOs to your advantage is figuring out which ones to use.

You do not want your SEO to be something abstract, that people will not search.  You want it to be basic and popular.  For example, if your SEO is “flapjacks” you might not get as many results like you would if you used “pancakes”.  Now you might be wondering what flapjacks and pancakes have to do with beers.  There are pancake and maple syrup flavored beers out there.  But, they are expensive.  If you are a broke college student like me you can not afford the luxury pancake beers.  That is okay though because honestly, I’ve had them, and they are not great.

I use the SEOs “beer”, “college”, “college student”, “hoppy” and “broke”.  This is because you can basically understand what my blog is about based on these simple words.  These words are also common, meaning that it is likely they will be searched.  As finals week approaches, it is important for me to change my SEOs.  If I added “finals” to my SEOs, I would probably get more traffic.  These terms need to be flexible, so you can more easily adapt to the environment.

It is important to always change up your SEOs in order to best reach the most people.  My blog automatically posts to Facebook, so my friends can see what I’m up to in this class.  Some people have even gone into my blog and explored from my Facebook page.  If I constantly have the same headings, they might get bored and not click on it.  That is why I need to constantly change it up.  To keep people entertained and get them checking out more beers.

I would like to bring your attention to  This is a website where you can browse and order craft beer and have it shipped right to your home.  How fantastic, you don’t even need to leave your home.  At an initial look at shows you a bunch of different options, like sales, best sellers, and possible gift ideas.  Now to find this website, I went to google and typed in “buy beers online”.  This was the first option given to you.  The key words for this website was “buy online” and “beer”.  This gave google the information it needed to help me find what I was looking for.  This site has a high page rank because it was first on the list.  Because this site is high on the list, that means that it has high traffic.  This website uses revenue optimization by giving the visitor deals on the first page they go to.  They make money on these “featured” items because the visitor might not have seen it if was not featured.  This website also uses conversion to get visiting customers to turn into paying customers by offering them deals that they can not pass up such as free shipping, buy one get one half off, and coupons.  This website is doing it right folks.

Lets Get This Party Started

I think we can all agree that beer is delicious.  But there is one problem, the fact that there are so many kinds to chose from.  This blog is for college students, newish to the world of beer.  It is my goal to help you all make good choices about the beer you chose to put in your body.  I will examine the flavors of beer, the prices of beer, the best place to find this beer and how to avoid that beer belly everyone seems to talk about.  The world is your own hoppy paradise, let me be your guide.

If you are new to beer you’re probably also new to the world of hops.  They can be intimidating, but trust me when I say that they are about to be your best friend.  I will take you through a spectrum of hoppy flavors ranging from not that hoppy to hella hoppy.  The more you drink hoppy beers the more tolerant you will be.

One of the things the average college student needs to take into account is the prices of beer.  You could end up paying a total of $17 for a 30 rack or $17 for a fancy 6 pack.  What option should the college student go for? The 30 rack, always the 30 rack.  Now I’m sure the more expensive beer will taste better than the cheap beer, but you can buy the expensive beer when you have a real job and can afford it.  I will go into this more in further posts.

So where do you find beer? Easy, the supermarket.  But, which one.  Different stores have different deals on beers at different times.  That means some weeks you can afford that fancy 6 pack.  The key is knowing when to hop (no pun intended) on these deals.  I will also walk you through the different bar options in the capital district and what nights to go out to get the best selection of beer at the best price.

Yes beer is full of carbs, and yes its like drinking liquid bread, but do not let that scare you.  What you need is a good tasting beer with low calories and a high percentage of alcohol. I will show you the website  I can give you options of beers to try that will help you get drunker faster, keep you slim and won’t break the bank.  Trust me that beer is out there.