Lets Get This Party Started

I think we can all agree that beer is delicious.  But there is one problem, the fact that there are so many kinds to chose from.  This blog is for college students, newish to the world of beer.  It is my goal to help you all make good choices about the beer you chose to put in your body.  I will examine the flavors of beer, the prices of beer, the best place to find this beer and how to avoid that beer belly everyone seems to talk about.  The world is your own hoppy paradise, let me be your guide.

If you are new to beer you’re probably also new to the world of hops.  They can be intimidating, but trust me when I say that they are about to be your best friend.  I will take you through a spectrum of hoppy flavors ranging from not that hoppy to hella hoppy.  The more you drink hoppy beers the more tolerant you will be.

One of the things the average college student needs to take into account is the prices of beer.  You could end up paying a total of $17 for a 30 rack or $17 for a fancy 6 pack.  What option should the college student go for? The 30 rack, always the 30 rack.  Now I’m sure the more expensive beer will taste better than the cheap beer, but you can buy the expensive beer when you have a real job and can afford it.  I will go into this more in further posts.

So where do you find beer? Easy, the supermarket.  But, which one.  Different stores have different deals on beers at different times.  That means some weeks you can afford that fancy 6 pack.  The key is knowing when to hop (no pun intended) on these deals.  I will also walk you through the different bar options in the capital district and what nights to go out to get the best selection of beer at the best price.

Yes beer is full of carbs, and yes its like drinking liquid bread, but do not let that scare you.  What you need is a good tasting beer with low calories and a high percentage of alcohol. I will show you the website getdrunknotfat.com  I can give you options of beers to try that will help you get drunker faster, keep you slim and won’t break the bank.  Trust me that beer is out there.